Software explorations

some projects i've built over the years in a variety of languages - a bit of a mess :P


Robotic Arm simulator | 15-112 Term Project

After creating a structure by dragging nodes on to the canvas an changing their position, rotation, and length attributes they can then create complex behaviors by bringing each specific node on their structure to life by using the timeline editor. Created in python, you can checkout the code here.


Building block interaction

The environment allows the user to create dynamic movement based relationships between the different nodes that they drag onto the canvas. 


Dynamic timeline editor

The timeline editor allows the user to create specific temporal relationships between the movement of each of the limbs on their node tree.


A fun and thrilling video where I walk through how to use my robotic arm simulator. Fasten your seatbelts!


Photocal | Poster Event -> calendar

My friend Gautam <3 and I created a full stack ios app which allowed users to publish and annotate posters to be added to their calendars automatically.  We leveraged mechanical turk for annotations. Built off of a concept Marisa and I worked on freshman year :)

snap poster.gif

Timeline generator

I created a p5.js sketch which allowed quick generation of timelines. The timelines show spatial information between key events which can be generated rapidly and compared to each other. The video to the right shows an example maneuvering and loading some of my classmate's predictions for the future of AI. It's interesting to see how the time frames they predict compare in size.

Mixed reality Annotation App

A strange annotation app I made in Java. It allowed a user to import a photo into the software, select the visual boundaries of an object in the photo label it, and then define spatial relationships between it an the surrounding objects. Truly a strange project, I figured maybe the sort of data collected from a system like this would allow MR applications to have a contextual understanding of their surroundings. Definitely worth more discussion :P

Portals - Full stack ios

A full stack IOS app I built in high school. It allowed people to effectively "snapchat" in a group which I thought was cool at the time. Learn more about portals here.